Does this contain palm oil or any palm derived ingredients?

The bars do not contain any palm oil or palm derivatives. Naturalist uses coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil in our products.

Is this good for detangling?

Yes! Our shampoo nourishing plant oils condition while penetrating the hair shaft to improve manageability, body, and bounce. By smoothing broken edges the strands of hair don’t catch on each other as much.

Does this contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment?

Our shampoo bars are not harmful to the environment! All our ingredients are listed. There are no hidden ingredients. According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), Sodium Coco-Sulfate is rated as NONE HAZARDOUS. You can definitely use our shampoo bars in the natural environment!

How long do these bars last on average?

On average, our shampoo bar lasts about 30-50 washes depending on how often you wash your hair. Make sure to keep your shampoo bar dry in between use.

Does it lather a lot? and make bubbles?

Our shampoo does lather a good bit, which can then be spread through your hair!

What is the pH level of this product? My hairdresser says I need a shampoo within a certain range in order for the color to last.

The pH level of our product is between 6-7.

Is this ok to use on color treated hair?

Yes! Our shampoo bars are safe for colored hair. It’s a gentle formula and not caustic.